** Choices of colours include Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Purple **


The Sensory Brick provides a safe and reliable alternative to chewing on toys, clothing and hands. By providing calming relief, The Sensory Brick assists in self-regulation during times of stress and distraction. Not only is this chew perfect for jaw strengthening, but also assists in fine motor development.


With the added benefit of a sensory hand fidget, the protruding textures of the brick offer further stimulation.

Developed with two opposing textures, both the brick and nodulated surface, provide the perfect combination.

This enables the user to chew and run their tongue along opposing surfaces, at the same time.


Each Sensory brick comes with its own fully adjustable, breakaway necklace cord. If purchased for a baby, it is advised that the supervising adult wear the necklace or that it is tied to a pram, for the safety of the baby. 


The Sensory Bricks are beneficial for all as they are light weight, yet very strong. These chews are made from 100% non toxic Food Grade Silicone, are FDA approved, BPA free and come in fully recyclable packaging. It is important to note that , although able to withstand most repetitive chewers, they are not indestructible.


*** Please be advised that all oral motor chews must be used under supervision and are not classified as toys, but as a self-regulation tool. It is the supervising adults responsibility to immediately remove any chew that has succumb to wear and tear, to ensure that a choking hazard does not occur ***

Sensory Chews

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