Benefits of Messy Play

​Messy play is just awesome as it follows the EYLF without your child(ren) knowing he/she is learning fundamental things. During messy play, your child will experience multi-sensory, language skills, social  & emotional skill, motor skills, and creativity. The unstructured play session is perfect for any child(ren) as everyone can do as they wish at their own pace.


Messy play sounds (and can be!) messy. The setup, the playing, then the big clean up job, it can be quite a big task! This might be why you may not always feel up to this type of play. But in fact, sensory play - play that stimulates any of a child’s senses - has an important role in a child’s health and development. Through Messy play, your child can build cognitive skills and learns about their world. 

Our Messy/sensory play session can involve touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. You may not think about it, our messy play session can also cover fine and gross movement, balance, and spatial awareness.


When a child is born, their senses like many other things aren’t fully developed. They only mature over time as babies, toddlers, and preschoolers explore the sensory world around them. Each new experience they have with different sense builds nerve connections that grow the architecture of their brain.