Messy Explorers Sessions

These sessions cater to children from as soon as they can sit unaided (6mths) up to 6 years old.


We create amazing mini-worlds in our tuff trays and tubs to grab your child's interest. During these sessions, your child will be developing their sensory senses and building their everyday life skills. 

You can expect your child to be learning what things feel like when they grab them, throw them & taste them. They will learn how things are easy to grab and other things not so much. They will practise their fine motor skills by using their pencil grips and gross motor skills by navigating station to station. They will learn when they mix different materials together they get a different result. They will learn to communicate and be social with the other children around. 

Children are natural explorers, they are curious about the world around them. We just supply them with materials to be able to explore their curiosity in a safe place. 

Allowing the children to explore the stations at their own will and pace allows them to use their imagination to create stories in their own minds. Therefore no two sessions are ever the same, even if the same materials used.

Having different themes every session means it will be exciting for your child to come and explore new things weekly.


We 100% encourage children and parents to embrace the mess. Therefore sessions can get quite messy so make sure you wear clothes you are all happy to get Messy in (and some materials used may leave stains!) don't forget a change of clothes for your child (and for yourself as well!)

What we offer

Messy Explorers

  • Classes are 45mins long.
    (parents are expected to stay and supervise (play with) their child(ren) at all time)

  • Babies and toddlers are given the freedom to move around at their own pace and explore the structured activities prepared. 

  • Every session will have at least 6 different messy/sensory stations designed to use our 5 senses (Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch and Hearing)

  • All the activities are specially created and inspired by different weekly themes such as seasons, animals, educational themes, Alphabetic/numerous themes, special holiday and location themes.

  • Our classes do not solely focus on producing an end product but give the children an opportunity to learn that it's ok to be messy whilst building, imagining, experiencing, investigating, exploring, creating, observing, and use other senses. 

  • Nicky Nacky Noo Messy play sessions are a great opportunity for both you and your child(ren) to get out of the house and make new friends whilst learning and developing through messy we clean up all the mess!

  • We try to have all activities material where possible to be homemade with edible / pantry items and/or 100% safe non-toxic.

  • All our staff members have WWCC and fully insured