NDIS Unregistered Provider

Are you Self-Managed or Plan-Managed*? Well, that is perfect, you may be able to come to our sessions using your NDIS funds* (you need to discuss with NDIA or the plan manager to see if you are able to claim through your plan.)

Sensory play is important because it helps children of all 'abilities' learn to live a fuller and happier life research has found. Most of our learning comes through our ability to use our senses to retain information. Sensory play is not just about having fun. It is about learning in a fun way. There are children that cannot easily understand the messages their senses are providing, so sensory play helps them build these skills in a safe and gentle caring environment.

Children with extra needs love coming to our sessions. As we do unstructured play set up it is incredibly beneficial for your child as they get all the same benefits stated on the Benefits of Messy play page but at their own pace. We can offer a smaller group and one on one session with your child. This is great for children of all ability, that are unable to handle big groups

We are understanding, patient and loving towards all children. We engage with them at their own level, gently pushing them to accomplish a simple task such as using a pencil grip. Developing skills without them knowing they are doing it. 

Don't let us being an UnRegistered NDIS Provider put you off. We take pride in all aspect of our business and services.


We are a small business and the process of getting register is time-consuming and pricy. We prefer to use our valuable time and monies toward helping your child right now.  

Contact us to learn more.