One on One Sensory Play Sessions

One on one sensory play sessions is perfect for children that require more support with sensory play or may not handle the hustle and bustle of our group session.

Our private one-on-one sessions are a great way to supplement your current therapy. These sessions are individually planned for each child. We aim to encourage the children to find one or more new materials to explore every session in a non-pushy way. So, we do not try to achieve an end result but just offer materials to allow them to use their imaginations to create endless possibilities. Naturally, during our session, you will find we are working on our Fine and Gross Motor skills while using all our senses. As we are working with the child a natural social interaction will begin to happen.


We are able to attend your home or you can come to our location in Lake Haven. Parents are required to stay for the sessions and encouraged to join in the fun as well.


Coming to you Nicky Nacky Noo bring a tarp, we use 4 x travel under bed containers or craft ideas and we bring all material needed. We are adaptable to your child needs, therefor if children are a bit older we can have a mixture of craft with sensory play.  If you come to us in Lake Haven, we have a fully fence area in the backyard that has access to many different extra items such as Mud kitchen, Trampoline and we would use our Tuff tray.


Every week we use different materials textures and themed trays. This is to help avoid boredom and exposed a variety of textures. All material used is either edible food base or 100% non-toxic items. Most of our items are homemade. We can cater to most allergies as well, please discuss this with one of our team members.


This type of play would suit an outside area as it can get messy, but doable to do inside as well.


We do not aim for an end result in our play, it is more about encouraging healthy play with each other and having fun while using problem-solving skills, communication skills and fine & gross motor skills. 

We are not a therapist, and therefore we are not able to provide advice. We are however able to tie our play session with your current therapist advise and goals. Sensory based play is well documented that it is extremely beneficial and helpful in the learning process of any children. Children are natural explorers so having a fun way to learn is much more effective. This approach is non-forceful and gentle.

You may be able to use your NDIS funding. You need to ensure you have the correct funding to access this service, please speak with NDIA or your plan manager to see if you are eligible.

Please read more in our FAQ sections about what we can and can not offer.