About Us

Welcome :) I'm Pam. 

I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. My first language is French and I learnt English when I came to Australia in 1998. I absolutely love Australia and proud to call Australia home.


Being a busy mum to young children with special needs, I have always tried to encourage their strengths of messy unstructured spontaneous play. As a mum and a nanny of over 10 years, I have seen the benefits firsthand, what a difference letting those little hands and feet experience different textures. I have found that letting them explore with messy materials has great benefits for their mental health, social skills and all while letting their creativeness come through. I have always loved to help children explore their curiosity. I enjoyed finding new ways to help them achieve this.

My youngest son, in particular, loved to explore messy textures, I develop a real passion after years of doing it with him (mainly done via OT support). I had friends and family enjoy my little messy setups when coming over for a play date. I thought wouldn't it be amazing if I could also provide this to other families?


So I did hours and hours of research and just learn so much more about the true benefits of Sensory play and that made my mind up. I would bring sensory play to my community! I had to share my knowledge and passion for it.


This is why I have started Nicky Nacky Noo ~ Messy Play by Pam.

The name comes from my son's nickname he was given at daycare. I wanted to name it after him since he is one of the biggest reason for my passion of sensory play.

Nicky Nacky Noo have all relevant insurances and all staff members have WWCC as a minimum. 


I cannot wait to find new ways to help your children explore their creativity with messy/sensory play. 

Pam - Owner
I love playing with the items as much as the kids do!
Vibration through music
Encouraging everyone to get Messy