Our sensory play sessions are designed for kids who love adventure of exploring, getting potentially messy and finding new textures. Sensory play allows children to build, explore, create, dream, investigate, observe, express emotions and use all 5 senses. We supply everything for those little hands and feet to get messy and explore their creativity in a safe area. Nicky Nacky Noo will take care of the cleanup job of the equipment and the location.

The Mess without The Stress!

Our Services

During every session, we endeavour to have new and exciting activity stations that enhance the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


NDIS Non-Registered Provider


Did you know, Nicky Nacky Noo is a non-registered NDIS provider? This means you may be able to access our services through your NDIS funding if you are Plan Managed or Self Managed?* 

How awesome is that?

Why Use Nicky Nacky Noo ~ Messy Play? Read more here


Why Sensory/Messy Play?

That is an excellent question. I have personally done hours and hours of research into this question. 

I have simply found no matter where I look that it has amazing benefits for young and older children that helps support their early, mid and late development. Helping shape young people into balanced older people. Read more here.



Is Sensory Play for me?

Sensory play may not be for everyone at first. Some children and adults find some textures hard to navigate.


This is why we do not just expect your child to dive straight into it the first time they come. Don't get me wrong some children absolutely become in their element coming to Messy play but others need time to warm up to it and that is ok!

We don't all love the same thing in life and that is what makes us all unique!